It’s April 2024. You can save $24.99 on orders BuhoCleaner Business Plan for 10 Macs to speed up your Macs. The BuhoCleaner app is one of Mac’s best boosting-up performance apps today. With the BuhoCleaner app, your Mac will always run fast and fast without slowing down.

Business Plan for 10 Macs

Family Plan for 3 Macs

BuhoCleaner offers Mac users the best options to help improve the performance of their Mac.

The Highlight of BuhoCleaner:

Disk Space Analyzer: This feature helps you visualize your disk space by showing which files or folders eat the most space. You can then delete files you don’t need to free up space.

Clean Up Mac Caches: This feature cleans up junk files from browsers, users, and applications to free up storage space.

Uninstall Apps: This feature lets you uninstall applications you don’t use, including all their leftover files.

Delete Large Files and Duplicate Files: This feature helps you find and delete large and duplicate files that take up much of your storage space.

Permanently Delete Files: This feature allows you to delete files permanently without recovery by tool or app with File Shredder Tool.

Manage Startup Items: This feature allows you to manage your login items and startup services to control which apps start when you turn on your Mac.

Rebuild Spotlight Index: This feature rebuilds the Spotlight index, a database that quickly helps your Mac find files and apps.

Monitor System Status and Free up RAM: This new feature allows you to monitor your system status in real time, including CPU load, Internet upload/download speeds, memory and storage usage, and more. It can also quickly free up RAM by clicking a button.

BuhoCleaner is a Mac cleaner app that can help you free up disk space, uninstall apps, and manage your system. It is the best option for anyone who wants to keep their Mac running smoothly.