2024 June 40% Off AdGuard Family 9 Devices Lifetime Update

If you need to protect more than 3 devices, you can switch to a Family license.

If all the computers and devices in your family are more than 3, you can consider purchasing the AdGuard Family package that can be used for 9 devices.

$29.99 AdGuard Family Plan: Lifetime Subscription

Protect your device and surf the Web safely!

In today’s technological age, protecting personal devices when surfing the web has become increasingly important. With the rise of online threats such as malware, intrusive advertising, and malicious websites, having strong security software is essential. Especially when the number of devices in your family exceeds three, choosing a suitable security solution like the AdGuard Family Plan is a smart decision.

Protect your device

When it comes to protecting your device, AdGuard stands out with its superior features in ad blocking and browsing protection. This is an ideal solution for computers, laptops, phones, and tablets. In particular, with AdGuard Family Plan, you can protect up to 9 devices at the same time.

Buy an AdGuard Family Plan: Lifetime account for 9 devices for a lifetime that can be updated

AdGuard Family Plan not only helps you protect your devices effectively but also offers a long-term service plan. With one payment, you can use it for life and continuously update the software to ensure maximum safety. This is very useful for families with many devices that need protection.

Family needs and solutions for multiple devices

In every family today, computers, laptops, and devices such as phones and tablets are often very popular. In total, the number of devices can exceed three, which requires a more comprehensive security solution. To meet this need, the AdGuard Family Plan for 9 devices is the perfect choice. You no longer have to worry about purchasing multiple individual licenses for each device.

Family protection mode

One of the outstanding features of the AdGuard Family Plan is the Family protection mode. This mode not only blocks all websites with adult content but also enforces a safe search mode in the browser. This is important to ensure children’s safety when using the internet. Besides that, this mode also provides the usual benefits of ad blocking and browsing security.

Block ads everywhere

AdGuard is famous for its excellent ad-blocking capabilities. This software can block all types of ads on your computer, including video ads, ads in your favorite software, browsers, games, and any website you can imagine. statue. Dozens of ad filters are updated regularly, ensuring the best filtering quality.

Wrapping Up

With AdGuard Family Plan, you can rest assured that all the devices in your family are fully protected. Not only does it block ads, the software also provides strong security measures to help you and your family surf the web safely. Investing in a lifetime protection plan like the AdGuard Family Plan for 9 devices is a smart and economical decision, ensuring the safety of all your devices for years to come.

Choose AdGuard Family Plan today to experience peace of mind and comfort when using the internet without worrying about online threats.

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