Use QR Code Chimp to create and generate custom dynamic and static QR Codes to promote professionalism in marketing. It is highly visually interactive for easy access for users to approach the product, boosting sales which can result in increased conversions.

How professional is the QR Code Chimp Pro subscription

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Business users or sellers on social networks Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok can use QR Code Chimp with many rich and unique custom styles for QR Codes.

They can use the store’s logo in the center of the QR code. It is also possible to add special alternative shapes to the logo.

The color of the QR code can be used by default or can be set to customize many colors to represent personal characteristics or the main color scheme of the store or business.

It is also possible to add another image in the center of the QR code instead of a logo or shape. If you want to add stickers, Call to Action(CTA), or other unique icons, that’s also possible.

QR Code Chimp pro

It can even create interestingly shaped QR codes in 3D! Therefore, Chimp QR Code can be widely used in websites, social networks, applications on the app store, forms, URLs, vCards, Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and more!

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The features can be helpful in marketing

The amazing thing about QR Code Chimp Pro is that it can provide in-depth analytics of data about user interactions that have scanned QR codes created by QR Code Chimp.

It has a lot of useful information for marketers to measure interaction levels and the effectiveness of their marketing strategies. Information can be the country logo of the user who scanned the code or the scanning device. It can be used in A/B testing and other needs. It is useful for marketing campaigns to increase RoI.

If marketers want to track QR Code information metrics in marketing, they can use the metrics that Dynamic QR Codes provide to analyze data in real-time.