It’s April 2024. It is time to save big on order PDF Editor application for Mac to edit documents, add a signature, add images, password protection, reorder pages, add text, and more.

PDF Expert is a PDF Editor software that allows editing, annotating, merging, signing, and sharing PDF documents. It can do a lot of things like: 

  • Edit Text, Images, Links & Outlines: PDF Expert allows you to change the text, images, links, and outlines within PDF files. You can modify, delete, or add text, resize and replace images, edit hyperlinks, and reorganize documents.
  • Smooth and Fast PDF Reading: With PDF Expert, you can read and navigate through large PDF files smoothly and quickly. It offers optimized performance to ensure a seamless reading experience, even for documents with extensive content.
  • Extensive Annotation Tools: PDF Expert provides a comprehensive set of annotation tools, allowing you to mark up and annotate PDFs extensively. You can highlight text, underline or strikethrough important information, add comments and notes, draw shapes and lines, and use various colors and styles for customization.
  • Seamless PDF Merging and Document Signing: Merge multiple PDFs into a single file effortlessly. Additionally, you can sign PDFs digitally using your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, ensuring a streamlined and secure signing process.
  • Fillable PDF Forms: PDF Expert simplifies the process of filling out PDF forms, whether it’s for taxes, applications, or orders. You can easily input information, select checkboxes, and submit completed forms electronically.
  • Cross-Device and Remote Sharing: PDF Expert offers sharing across iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices with clients, coworkers, or anyone else.
  • Password Protection: To ensure the security of sensitive documents, PDF Expert allows you to password-protect your PDFs to prevent unauthorized editing or printing and safeguard confidential information.