If you looking for a lifetime subscription to a PDF Reader or editor tool, Kdan PDF Pro Reader is one of the options available on the market for new purchase. With the New PDF Pro Reader application from Kdan Mobile, PDF users can use it to do these tasks:

  • Complete and customize PDF forms
  • Combine numerous files into a single PDF
  • Divide a large PDF into multiple smaller ones
  • Adjust the PDF background color to match your reading settings
  • Secure PDFs with passwords
  • Unlock PDFs by removing passwords

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Furthermore, the PDF Reader Pro application, a product of Kdan Mobile, supports users to easily rotate pages to achieve the desired orientation, and delete unnecessary pages to organize documents. And add new pages to insert additional content and rearrange pages to structure the PDF in a logical sequence.

  • Rotate pages to the desired orientation
  • Delete unnecessary pages
  • Add new pages to insert additional content
  • Rearrange pages for logical document structure
  • Append pages from another PDF or images into existing PDF documents

PDF Reader Pro further provides users with more page customization capabilities by providing advanced functionality to increase your document editing capabilities. With the ability to append pages from PDF files or other images directly into your existing documents, you can expertly integrate additional material without the need for difficult methods. Whether you’re combining multiple PDF files into one cohesive document or combining images to enrich your document, PDF Reader Pro lets you merge content easily with precision and efficiency.

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If you’re looking for the latest PDF app with lots of useful features, PDF Reader Pro from Kdan Mobile is not just a simple PDF viewer but also a comprehensive set of tools for managing your documents. With the flexible ability to rotate pages, delete, add, rearrange, and append pages, this application sets a new standard for convenience and flexibility when editing PDFs.

The PDF Reader Pro is an application for Windows. In order to work properly, the PDF Reader Pro needs to be installed on Windows 10 or later.

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