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TexTalky: Turn Text into Speech with AI Technology

Convert text to speech easily with the power of AI and the TexTalky app. TexTalky is an advanced application that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to turn text into high-quality audio files, supporting many formats such as MP3, OGG, or WAV. With TexTalky, users can convert text to speech and then apply this audio to other products: videos, audiobooks, marketing content, and more easily and quickly.

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You can use your email address to sign up for an account for the purchase. Complete the details, to complete the process of ordering for the TexTalky subscription plan up to 50% off.

After you have finished the order, check out the email, read the details guides, access the user dashboard, and click on the button to activate your subscription on TexTalky’s official website.

Who Needs to Use Text-to-Speech?

  • Create Video: People who want to create high-quality videos with a professional voice can take advantage of TexTalky to turn text into speech, creating attractive and professional videos.
  • Audiobooks: Creating audio versions of books and reading materials for those on the go, studying, or entertaining is easier than ever.
  • Marketing: Marketers can use TexTalky to create advertising content, and introduce products or services in a creative and effective way, attracting the attention of target audiences.

Instructions on how to use TexTalky for newbies

Access the website with your account, and log into TexTalky‘s dashboard. Next, you can follow these steps to generate audio from texts.

Step 1: Select Language

At TexTalky, users can easily choose the language and voice in the list of 140 different languages and voices.

Step 2: Enter Your Text

Users can paste their text into the designated text area on the interface or download the text file directly from their computer to use.

Step 3: Preview and Edit

After entering text, users can click the “Listen” button to preview the voice of the text. Users can check and make any necessary corrections before creating the final audio file.

Step 4: Download and Save

When satisfied with the voice and content of the text, users just need to click the “Generate Audio” button to let TexTalky create the audio file according to their requirements. They can then download and save the audio file in their desired format (MP3, OGG, or WAV) for their own use.

TexTalky: Turn Text into Audio - Subscribe now - 50% off

With TexTalky, converting text to speech is not only simple and convenient, but also gives users high-quality audio files, serving their creative and business needs in the most effective way.

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