2024 June 50% Off Plant Expert iOS App New Sale

Become a Plant Expert with Plantum iOS App – 50% Discount

Are you a plant lover and want to create a lush garden, but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry anymore because now, we have a perfect companion – Plantum AI Plant Identifier Premium on iOS, and right now, you can get it with a huge 50% discount.

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Why subscribe to Plantum for life?

1. Caring for Your Plants Like a Pro

With Plantum, you can turn your iPhone or iPad into a personal plant expert. Not only does this app help you identify over 15,000 plant species in seconds, but it also provides detailed care tips to keep your plants healthy.

2. Smart Advice From Artificial Intelligence

Thanks to artificial intelligence, Plantum not only diagnoses the condition of plants but also provides suggestions on soil type, watering schedule, fertilization, and appropriate environmental conditions for each plant species.

3. A Bag With a Plant Expert

Imagine a plant expert always at your side. Plantum will help you manage your garden, from identifying plants to monitoring their health.

4. Botanical Magazines and Encyclopedias

Plantum is not just a tree identification app, but also an endless source of knowledge with a botanical journal to follow and a botanical encyclopedia to research new species.

50% Discount – Register Now!

If you subscribe to Plantum AI Plant Identifier Premium for life now, you will enjoy the biggest discount – 50%. This is a unique opportunity to turn your phone or tablet into a useful tool for managing your garden.

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