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How to Cast Phone Screen to Computer via ApowerMirror on a WiFi Network

Are you looking for a solution to export images, videos, or games from your phone to the big screen of your computer or widescreen TV? With the ApowerMirror application, the problem of connecting your phone to your computer or widescreen TV will be solved quickly and simply.

  • ApowerMirror is an application that allows you to share images from your phone to your computer with just a few simple steps.

ApowerMirror’s most powerful features:

  • Cast phone screen to computer: You can present files on your phone during meetings, use them in studying, or enjoy good movies with your family.
  • Mouse and keyboard support: Helps you easily control your phone to use features like replying to messages, having fun while playing top phone games right on your computer, or doing other tasks without the need for emulator software or computer rooting.
  • Capture and record phone screen on computer: Helps you store important moments or information.
  • Perform phone tasks on the computer: Such as receiving status notifications, all messages, using email,…

How to Cast Phone to Computer Via WiFi

  • Step 1: Start the application.

Start the application on both phone and computer. You need to make sure both your phone and computer are on the same WiFi network.

  • Step 2: Set up on the phone. Click the Connect icon at the bottom of the screen and select the computer to connect to.
  • Step 3: Start to cast now.

Click START NOW on the phone and START NOW on the computer to complete.

How to Connect Phone to Computer via USB Cable

  • Step 1: Start the application.

You need to start the application on both your phone and computer, then plug your phone into the computer via a USB port.

  • Step 2: Set up on the phone. In the application, select USB on both phone and computer.
  • Step 3: Start to cast now

Click START NOW on the phone and START NOW on the computer to complete.

How to Take Photos and Record Screen on the ApowerMirror App

You can use the phone screen capture and recording feature on your computer to help you store important moments or information while casting the screen.

With its powerful capabilities, ApowerMirror is the top choice for you to enjoy content from your phone on the big screen of your computer or widescreen TV conveniently and easily.

ApowerMirror review

ApowerMirror is not simply a tool to cast the phone screen on the computer but also provides many other utilities that users can use. Here are some outstanding advantages of this application:

  1. Easy to Use: ApowerMirror’s application interface design is very easy for users to get started; makes it easy for users to get started and use without having to have in-depth knowledge of technology.
  2. Many useful features: ApowerMirror software and applications are not only limited to casting the phone screen on a computer or TV but also support many other features such as remote control, and taking pictures. photos, record videos, and even send messages from your computer.
  3. Multi-Platform Compatibility: ApowerMirror software and applications operate on many different operating systems such as Android and iOS(iPhone), as well as support connection to computer devices running Windows or macOS.
  4. High Image Quality: ApowerMirror allows you to cast images and videos from your phone to your computer in high quality without reducing image quality.
  5. Easy Connection: No need to use a connection cable, connecting via WiFi saves time and is more convenient for users.
  6. Multi-Language Support: ApowerMirror supports many different languages, from English, French to Spanish and many more, making it easy for users around the world to use the application.

Wrapping up

Sign up for the license access now - ApowerMirror: Screen Mirroring App for PC, iPhone, Android, & TV Lifetime Subscription

ApowerMirror is a tool to cast phone screens to computers and TVs, and is a great assistant for users in managing and interacting with their mobile devices from computers. ApowerMirror software and applications will definitely be a useful solution for those who need a connection between their phone and computer on the same Wifi network or USB cable connection. You need to buy and experience ApowerMirror right away to discover more.

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